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Why employee advocacy is the right strategy for mid sized organizations
Posted by Manuel / 1 Comments
What is employee advocacy? When is it appropriate to use this strategy in a corporate culture? How do you get started? The following paragraphs will provide some thoughts on this and other issues to think about as you craft an internal culture policy, as part of your corporate strategy to support the best possible future […]
What is the future of e-commerce now that the high street is dying?
Posted by Manuel
  The future of ecommerce certainly looks very bright indeed. Recent reports have shown that over 2.1 billion people now use the internet on a regular basis, up from only 600 million a decade ago. The future of commerce will undoubtedly be full of many exciting innovations and changes for both buyers and companies. Whether […]
COVID – Maybe a good opportunity for middle market organizations?
Posted by Manuel
It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on middle-market organizations. Last year, average middle-market gross revenues were down by 1.2%, yet many companies have a more optimistic outlook for 2021, with 44% of firms expecting to increase sales.  One of the reasons for the optimism of middle-market companies is that […]
Why applications are the new lifeblood of mid sized organizations
Posted by Manuel
It is not surprising that there has been an increase in the number of people opting for software applications for mid-sized organizations. With the number of people owning computers and using the internet, accessing business information is no longer a hassle. Companies are constantly on the move in searching for ways to improve their efficiency […]